About us

About us

DesignCon is a company who’s main aim is to create job for both professionals and unskilled persons through thorough site training and experience in various construction sections.

We also encourage our staff to become reliable and accountable in everything they do, so as to cope with the current competition. We have opened two hardware shops, timber yard, timber and steel workshops. These sections are meant to supply all our construction sites and other walk-in customers with materials and fittings.

DesignCon enterprise was founded in 2008 (Registration No. C. 508353 limited liability company whose core business and area of expertise is as Itemized below:


  • Design of residential and commercial buildings
  • Project management and advising clients on various ideas and economical ways of construction.
  • General Construction of:
    • Buildings and Access Roads.
    • Design and fabrication of interior fittings both wood and steel.
    • Set-up of sewer lines & Treatment works
    • Earthworks
    • Car parks and General landscape.



The company is currently registered with the Ministry of Public Works as;

Class D, Up to 200Million – Building and Civil Works Contractors.

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