“LEARN MORE ” At DesignCon, we provide total construction and design services

“What we do”


“Learn More”We focus on perfection”The client approaches a contractor to provide total design and construction services in a so called ‘turnkey project’, in order to reduce high costs often incurred during the planning and design phases.”


“We never compromise on quality” “Learn More” We are confident that our powerful and unmatched staff, who have years of proven industry-specific expertise in costing, planning, building and delivery of all kinds of construction services and projects.”


“Timely delivery of supplies” “Learn More” To cope with the stiff competition, we have opened two hardwares which are well stocked and partnered with major distributors of construction materials who deliver at very competitive rates.”


“Long Lasting Interior Fitting” “Learn More”Next to our hardware we’ve set up a well equipped workshop with latest timber and steel processing machines. From the workshop we produce various interior fitting and furniture such as door frame, panel doors, flush doors e.t.c”


“Specialized Installations” “Learn More” This being one of the sensitive areas in construction, we handle it using the latest technology of bio digester system which is designed and installed by our qualified Engineers and experienced technicians.”


“Highly Qualified Professionals” “Learn More” Together with our lead Electrical subcontractor we can undertake turnkey electrical works. We have a team of dedicated staff & work force and we strongly believe in  Team Work.

“Past Projects”

“We Follow Qaulity Standards”We never compromise on quality.

“Team of Professionals”

We are the first point of contact and assemble a team of proven ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS and
SPECIALIST SUB-CONTRACTORS to provide the client with efficient and better building

“Handle Complex Projects” “Order now” Offering a comprehensive range of construction services enables us to tailor a delivery system which matches our clients’ needs, goals and budget.

“The company is currently registered with the Ministry of Public Works as;
Class D, Up to 200Million – Building and Civil Works Contractors.

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